About us

We realize future proof investments

SCG combines the quality and expertise of Nexio Projects with those of Eveda Capital, for various groups with their focus on sustainable and financial profit. On one side, these are organizations wanting to reduce their ecological footprint. Whilst trying to integrate the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. 
On the other side, these are institutional investors aiming to supply organizations with the required green capital to finance their sustainable projects. Our focus is on the Real Estate-, Energy-, Mobility-, and Agri-Food sectors. Assisting companies at both the strategic and operational levels, with custom funding constructions starting from 10 million euros. Let us start working on a better world, together!

$1 Trillion green in 2023

Development is taking place in the investment world. Interests are shifting from the conventional- to green investment opportunities. With the share of sustainable investments growing from currently 12% to an estimated 50% in the year 2023. This leads to a need for an extra 1000 billion euros of green financing. However, simultaneously, we are noticing a lack of suitable sustainable forms of funding. 

Source: FD 2019