Founding team

Olivier Takx
Founding partner and CEO

Olivier feels at home where sustainability, investments, and financing come together. He has extensive experience in starting and accelerating the growth of real estate, corporate finance, and private equity companies. These can be institutional or private, both national and international. During his studies, he was already concerned about sustainability and the importance of finding the balance between social interests and financial returns. His vision being that his client’s sustainability agenda will lead to long-term value creation. Together with the close group of professionals at Sustainable Capital Group, he realizes the transition to sustainable entrepreneurship for both companies and investors.

Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries
Founding partner and CCO

Marc has a background in business administration and sustainability, always seeing opportunities to effectively merge both disciplines. Sometimes with a big gesture, sometimes step-by-step, but always with an eye for social and financial results. His favorite quote is from historian Howard Zinn: “Small actions, multiplied by millions of people, have changed the world and will continue to do so.” Marc is co-founder of Nexio Projects. The substantial knowledge and expertise from this partner company is often useful to SCG. For example, when making a customer’s supply chain more sustainable.


Thinking on a financial and sustainable level requires a unique and creative approach. The SCG team consists of twelve experienced professionals, using their individual knowledge and expertise to create effective and innovative solutions. Specialized sector teams work for the Agri-Food, Energy, Real Estate, and Mobility/Infrastructure sectors. Working together with our 40+ colleagues in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Hong Kong. What characterizes us all, is the drive to work for a better world in a financially viable way. We are more than happy to go into further detail with you about what we do.