Introduction Sustainable Location IndeX (SLIX) 2020 by Sustainable Capital Group

Houten, The Netherlands Most Sustainable Municipality (<50,000 inhabitants) in 2020

The Netherlands is home to 270 municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants, so called smaller municipalities. You might want to invest in real estate or by expanding your business in one of these municipalities, but how do you know which town is best for sustainable financial growth? The Sustainable Location IndeX 2020 is developed by Sustainable Capital Group (SCG) to provide you with these insights. Its goal is to ascertain location attractiveness on municipal level for sustainable investments within the sectors of Real Estate, Energy, Mobility, and Agri Food.
Out of the smaller municipalities, Houten ranks first on the Sustainable Location IndeX 2020, developed by Sustainable Capital Group (SCG). This high score leads to a top 10% outcome on the overall. As a result, commercial and residential properties obtain a low risk profile, making it attractive to occupiers and investors.

Within the smaller municipalities selection, Houten scores 31% higher than the national average and tops Heemstede, Harderwijk, Wageningen, and De Bilt.

Frontrunner without Absolute Highs and Lows

Houten’s first position is derived from a high average score on all 4 measured categories.

They rank joined 5th in the People category, 12th in the Profit category, 6th in the Planet category and 31st in the Identity category (out of 270). Individual KPI’s with excellent scores are found on indicators such as Quality of Life, Mobility, Education, and Purchasing Power. Challenges lie within the roams of Municipal Identity, Base Population Size and Service Level, indicators on which Houten ranks relatively low.

Municipalities closing the ranking are mainly located in rural Limburg, Groningen, Friesland and Zeeland.

More specifically, Westerwolde (Gr) and Vaals (Li) belong to the 10% lowest scoring smaller municipalities. Further analysis shows that this is mainly caused by a lack of (economical) pulling power of the municipality, combined with a lack of economic stronghold within close vicinity (<30 min). This has an adverse effect on the SLIX total score.

The same analysis shows that Houten’s next door neighbour Utrecht, ranks 2nd in the total result (<15 min travel time), attributes positively to Houten’s attractiveness. Individual indicator results make that Houten is in compliance with Social Development Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), drawn up by the United Nations.

Sustainable Location Index 2020

SCG’s Sustainable Location IndeX 2020 is developed in collaboration with BDResearch. The SLIX objectively compares and ranks Dutch municipalities on the topic of sustainability. Its goal is to ascertain location attractiveness on a municipal level for sustainable investments within the sectors of Real Estate, Energy, Mobility and Agri Food. The SLIX definition of a sustainable city is: a location’s attractiveness from a living, working, visiting and residing’s perspective.

KPI’s used in the SLIX model match Social Development Goal. Sustainable Capital Group applies a location’s SLIX score and attractiveness profile to risk profiles to enable different sustainable capital rates. The lower the risk profile, the more possibilities attracting a sustainable finance rate.

Sustainable Capital Group was founded in 2020 to support entrepreneurs and investors in realizing their sustainabilty ambitions. SCG is active in the sectors: Mobility, Real Estate, Agrifood, and Energy.

Curious to find out which locations are most attractive to invest in? SCG will gladly assist you.

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