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We apply integrated value as our lead principle. Learn more about our vision on sustainability.


We apply integrated value as lead principle. Learn more about our vision on sustainability

What Sustainability
means to us?

At Sustainable Capital Group we apply the concept of Sustainability by incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics into each and every assessment we make for the provision of our services. Also, sustainability is embedded in all of our decision-making processes.

We believe in the next generation of sustainable finance that attaches a financial value to social and environmental impact; our ultimate goal is to be able to quantify the positive and negative impacts of projects and add them to our financial value calculation.

We are looking to challenge the barriers that halt the progress towards a sustainable financial system. We work hard to optimize value integration by creating positive impact alongside attractive financial returns.

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Why optimizing integrated value

Why optimizing
integrated value?

It is evident that profit-seeking strategy has failed to help society under the urgent global scenario. We have seen ESG and CSR principles guiding businesses towards a different business mindset, but at Sustainable Capital Group we believe that these principles are not enough to provide the precise direction that businesses should aim when changing their strategies.

Instead of avoiding harm and being mindful of its impact in society, businesses should aim to positively impact the current environment on which they act upon, which means embedding environmental and social goals into their current profit-seeking strategy.

Our Theory of Change

Accelerating the transition towards sustainable finance, one transaction at a time.

We contribute to the transition of the financial system towards its management on the basis of integrated value instead of purely financial value.

We aim to do that with two distinctive, but complementary activities: the first is assessing each and every project on the basis of an integrated rationale and the second is applying our advisory, structuring and arranging services to the closing of transactions that raise future proof, green certified capital.

With each project assessment we aim to shift the mindset and prepare businesses and investors to work with long term, integrated value. With every sustainable transaction that we close, we aim to reallocate capital to integrated projects instead of conventional, profit seeking projects.

Our theory of change

Sustainable Capital Group and the SDGs

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets also bring great assistance for us to measure our impact. They provide an opportunity to demonstrate how our efforts to incorporate ESG issues into our finance approach are contributing to sustainable development.

For us to fully realise our mission, we must contribute to a sustainable global financial system which functions as catalyst for creating prosperous and inclusive societies for current and future generations.

With our activities, we intend to directly contribute to SDGs 8 and 9. Given our focus industries, we are also indirectly contributing to SDGs 3, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13.

Direct impact from
our activities


We support business that have positive impact on society by providing funds to grow. By redirecting funds to new sustainable money stream. We foster sustainable growth.


By putting the right partners at the right place, we can leverage the expertise of each parties in order to bring long term value to the society and environment.

Indirect impact from
our focus industries

Which includes Agrifood, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, and Smart Mobility


Ecovadis Assessment

We are happy to announce that we have received a Platinum Sustainability Certification for 2022 from the EcoVadis sustainability ratings agency, up from Gold in 2021!

EcoVadis has grown to the biggest and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability ratings, with a worldwide network of over 100.000 rated companies.

Our ongoing commitment to the environment, labour and human rights has led us to become among the top 1% of companies rated by the sustainability rating agency and drives us to increase our rating for the coming year even further.

EcoVadis Scorecard