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About us

Who are we?

We are Sustainable Capital Group, a next-gen sustainable finance powerhouse. We are driven by our ability to raise future-proof capital for our clients. And in doing so, we use our advisory capabilities to make sustainable finance mainstream in the private market.

Meet the team

Supervisory Board

Partners & Advisors

We’re not like other corporate finance or advisory companies. We don’t tell you what to do, but instead, we listen, ask questions and invest time to understand your needs. Through our collaboration with clients we take the lead to create a suitable sustainable finance solution for you.

We conquer.

Very good

We’re not modest or arrogant, just very good :)

Learned the lessons

We’ve learned the lessons, done the deals


We’re worth your trust, always

Our story

  • Pioneering the future of Finance

    Founded in 2019 by Olivier Takx and Marc Roodhuizen de Vries, Sustainable Capital Group responds to new developments in Sustainability and Finance. As stringent EU legislations drive companies to meet sustainability targets for financial viability, SCG emerges as the non-traditional, purpose-driven player that is 100% focused on sustainability.

  • Humble beginnings

    Our journey began with a commitment to assist companies in adhering to national and international policies. Our initial clients, many of which are still with us, marked the inception of a transformative venture.

  • Growing and growing

    Over time, our perspective broadened, leading to an uptick in mandates in Clean Energy, Circularity & Waste, and Agrifood. Real Estate continued its robust presence, and our clients evolved, becoming more mature and international.

    Today, we have a team of 20+ experts boasting a combined experience of 175 years, representing 9 nationalities. Our track record includes successfully navigating 150+ transactions, with a total deal worth exceeding 2.5 billion euros.

  • Our one-of-a-kind approach

    In a landscape where sustainability is a financial necessity, SCG offers a unique and non-traditional perspective. We navigate complexities, providing innovative solutions that might seem impossible to traditional advisors. Our strength lies in crafting answers to the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • What’s next?

    Looking ahead, we aim to build credibility, becoming thought leaders in sustainable finance regulations. Our goal is to provide solutions swiftly and effectively, inspiring companies and investors globally. Ultimately, we strive to contribute to a 100% sustainable (finance) world and a better future!

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