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Case: Infinity Recycling

Infinity Recycling
Circularity & Waste

Sustainable Capital Group & Infinity Recycling: Structuring funds in accordance with SFDR Article 9


Navigating the latest EU regulations can be a challenging task, particularly for green investors like Infinity Recycling. However, through collaboration and strategic guidance from Sustainable Capital Group (SCG), they successfully structured funds aligned with SFDR Article 9 standards, elevating their investments to the “dark green” level. Discover how!


About Infinity Recycling 

Infinity Recycling is a key player in the Circularity & Waste sector, specialising in investing in innovative technologies that are transforming end-of-life plastic waste into valuable commodities. Their mission is to contribute significantly to the circular economy by commercialising and scaling sustainable solutions, thereby addressing the global waste crisis.


The challenge: Complying with EU regulations

Infinity Recycling sought to structure their funds in accordance with SFDR Article 9, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and aligning with the EU Taxonomy. However, navigating the complex regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance posed significant challenges.


How Sustainable Capital Group Stepped In

SCG’s team provided invaluable assistance to Infinity Recycling. SCG experts crafted the fund’s theory of change, mandatory policies and disclosures necessary for the fund to disclose in accordance with SFDR Article 9 standards. Additionally, they set up the structure for the Fund’s impact committee and continued to provide advice to Infinity Recycling on regulatory topics via the Sustainable Finance Advisory Desk. Given the successful partnership, SCG is now a proud member and chair of Infinity Recycling’s Impact Committee.


Outcome: Adherence to the Article 9 principles

As a result of SCG’s support, Infinity Recycling successfully established its fund under SFDR Article 9. SCG delivered essential documents, including:

  • Due Diligence Questionnaires
  • Sustainability Risk Integration Policies
  • Pre-contractual and Website Disclosures compliant with SFDR requirements.


What the client says about us 

Monica Puccetti, Head of ESG at Infinity Recycling:

“We sincerely appreciate the support provided by SCG. Their expertise was essential in navigating the still evolving regulatory environment and to set the basis for a strong collaboration to help Infinity Recycling to be successful in its path as Dark Green fund.”


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