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It goes without saying that we encourage sustainable development in every industry. However, our main focus comes down to four key sectors, which are Agrifood, Energy, Mobility and Real Estate.


Agriculture has been around for millennia. In that time, it has not only given us food, shelter, and livelihoods, but also became one the world’s largest economic sector. However, food production turned into a major driver of environmental impacts like biodiversity loss, CO2 emissions, and water use. With global food demand set to increase 40% by 2050, the road ahead is challenging, but presents many opportunities.
We partner with leading companies that are addressing the world’s greatest challenges across food & agriculture. By focusing on the entire agrifood supply chain, we support our clients with a holistic view that encompasses environmental and financial impact.

Renewable Energy

Clean Energy

The focus of public and political debate is on reducing carbon emissions. The role of clean energy in this regard is widely discussed, with a popular implication of striving toward a zero-net energy system. As Sustainable Capital Group, we acknowledge the importance of this sector concerning sustainable development and leads to many opportunities for companies and investors. We support various companies and projects in this sector, notably in the areas of solar panels energy, wind energy, battery storage and grid, energy efficiency, hydrogen, and smart mobility.


Circularity & Waste

Building a circular economy has recently been identified as a high-potential strategy to reduce emissions and minimise our negative impact on the planet. This transition is a huge task which requires systems change to eliminate waste. SCG is stepping up to this challenge by supporting innovative companies in structuring financing solutions that meet the requirements of these distinct business models.

Smart Mobility
Sectors - Real Estate

Real Estate

Carbon emissions from buildings and constructions account for 38% of our global carbon emission. It goes without saying that the Real Estate sector has to address this and simultaneously address long-term environmental issues in order to maintain access to sufficient funding.

Sustainable Capital Group has a seasoned in-house Real Estate Finance team available to facilitate you with sustainable corporate finance advice and capital raising. They have the ability and experience in addressing more complex real estate financing cases, determine the optimal financing strategy, and realise the desired funding to help you grow your real estate business.