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Sustainable Finance Explained

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Sustainable Finance Explained:
The New YouTube Series 

CSRD, SFDR, SLLs, margin ratchets… Sustainable finance is packed with complex jargon and brand new EU regulations. But fear not! Our Sustainable Finance experts at Sustainable Capital Group are here to assist. In our new YouTube series, “Sustainable Finance Explained,” we’ll simplify terminology, provide context, debunk common myths, and offer future insights. Make sure to watch the first episode and hit the “subscribe” button to not miss out on future videos! 


Sustainable Finance Explained: Episode 01 - How To Raise Funds Sustainably?


In the first episode, legal expert Letícia Bueno and Director Circularity & Waste, Alicia Glennon, discuss how to integrate sustainability into corporate financing. They explore financial incentives for sustainability goals, like sustainably-linked loans, and highlight the three key regulations to comply with today.

But there’s more! The episode also includes detailed discussions about the difference between Article 8 and 9, gives practical tips on how to appeal to investors and shines a light on the the shift from financial materiality to double-materiality. In other words, it’s the perfect guide to getting started in sustainable finance! 

Watch the full episode above, and get in touch with any questions you may have about sustainable finance in your organisation.  


  • Letícia Bueno

    Leticia is a legal professional with over a decade of experience in complex banking transactions, regulatory analysis, and sustainable finance. As the Director of Sustainable Finance Advisory at Sustainable Capital Group, she leads experts in advising companies and investors on sustainability disclosures, emphasizing the application of the EU Sustainable Finance regulation. Leticia possesses profound knowledge of SFDR and EU Taxonomy, using regulation to leverage the impact of both companies and investors. Prior her focus on sustainable finance, she garnered over 5 years of experience in diverse banking operations both in Brazil and in the international context, including mergers & acquisitions, project finance, capital markets, and debt/corporate restructuring. Bueno Letícia
  • Alicia Glennon

    Alicia Glennon is Director Corporate Finance for the Circularity & Waste sector, where she combines her extensive experience in corporate finance with her commitment to sustainable practices. With prior experience at Deutsche Bank in the UK, where she focused on M&A and corporate broking, Alicia recognized the finance sector’s untapped potential in driving sustainability. After her Master’s Degree in Global Business & Sustainability, her personal mission became to help organisations secure sustainable financing solutions. Glennon Alicia

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